Carden Park, Cheshire | 27 - 28 February 2020



Storebrand is a public company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. It acquired SKAGEN Funds in 2017 and its award-winning factor and index-based strategies are now available to eligible clients in the UK.

Storebrand is a Nordic market leader in sustainable investment. Established in 1767 and headquartered in Oslo, it is Norway’s largest institutional asset manager as well as providing insurance and retail banking services across the Nordic region. 

Storebrand was the first Norwegian company to establish a dedicated sustainable investment team in 1995 and currently has one of the most experienced ESG departments in the Nordic region. Sustainability is an integral part of Storebrand’s core business and its ESG analysis, which aligns with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, is fully integrated into the investment processes for all £68 billion  assets under management. 

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