The programme for the LGC Investment Seminar has been designed to include the latest intelligence directly relevant to the Local Government Pension Scheme with dedicated opportunities for you to participate and contribute.

Through a variety of formats including keynote sessions, panel sessions from a wide range of experts, thought-provoking investment workshops and an interactive discussion session, this packed event will provide you with valuable learning and practical ideas which will make a difference to your organisation.

Session highlights include:

  • Economic market scene-setter discussing the latest trends and future outlook 
  • Run up to the Valuation 2025 - providing the latest thinking  
  • Workshops focusing on innovation in investment with returns
  • Examining the fiduciary duty – is it the cornerstone of the LGPS or something to hide behind
  • Being bold and leading the way – how the LGPS is more than just a pension scheme
  • Discussing the next steps on investments (and the pooling consultation)
  • Considering how we can boost investment in the UK
  • Looking ahead to the future – what the political landscape tells us

If you’re interested in speaking at the event, please contact Jenny Vyas at