Nick Buckland
Nick Buckland
Head of Pensions and Treasury
Kent Pension Fund

Nick has been the Head of Pension and Treasury for the Kent Fund since February 2022. Prior to this he was a Senior Consultant with JLT and more recently Mercer. During his time as a consultant Nick focussed entirely on the LGPS and has around 30 years’ experience in the sector.

Prior to joining JLT in 2016, he was Head of Treasury and Pensions at the Dorset Fund, during which time he was a member of the PLSA Local Authority Committee and worked to create the Scheme Advisory Board (“SAB”) advising the Local Government Minister. He was also a member of the DCLG’s Investment Regulations Review Group which developed the current regulatory framework. He was actively involved with fellow LGPS Officers in developing the Brunel Pension Partnership.

As a consultant Nick has focussed entirely on the LGPS and has worked with a number of funds, including the Clwyd Pension Fund, Brunel and the Kingston and Sutton Pension Funds.

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