LGC Investment Podcast Series

Latest Episode (2023)

LGC Investment Seminar 2023 - Carden Park, Cheshire, with Dafydd Edwards

Episode six of this LGC Investment Series Podcast is now live, and was recorded at the recent LGC Investment Seminar held at Carden Park in Cheshire between 30-31 March 2023.

In this episode, Deputy Editor of LGC, Martin George, chats to Dafydd Edwards - County Fund Director at Gwynedd Pension Fund, ahead of his impending retirement. Dafydd was also awarded the LGC Investment Lifetime Achievement Awards at the event.

Past Episodes

LGC Investment & Pensions Summit 2022 - Leeds, with Mike O'Donnell

Episode five of this LGC Investment Series Podcast was recorded at the LGC Investment & Pensions Summit held in Leeds between 08-09 September 2022. In this episode, Deputy Editor of LGC, Martin George, chats to Mike O'Donnell - the Chief Executive Officer at London CIV.

LGC Investment Seminar 2022 - Carden Park, Cheshire, with Jeff Houston

Back with a bang in 2022, our first post-pandemic episode features the imminently-retiring and sector legend, Jeff Houston. Jeff spoke at the LGC Investment Seminar 2022 at Carden Park in Cheshire.

LGC Investment Seminar 2020 - Carden Park, Cheshire

The third episode of our Investment Series Podcast was recorded at the LGC Investment Seminar 2020 which was held on 27 & 28 February at Carden Park Country Hotel in Cheshire.  The episode is hosted once again by LGC Features Editor Martin George. Martin is joined by CIPFA's Associate Director, Andrew Burns, shortly before he delivered the closing session to the conference audience.  Together they discuss the potential impact of COVID-19 (briefly), issues around pooling, and major infrastructure projects in the context of a new government.

LGC Investment and Pensions Summit 2019 - Collaboration & Sustainable Investing

This episode was recorded at the LGC Investment and Pensions Summit which was held at Celtic Manor in South Wales on 5 & 6 September 2019. LGC’s new Features Editor, Martin George, is joined by the Chief Executive of Brunel Pension Partnership, Dawn Turner, and Secretary to the Scheme Advisory Board, Jeff Houston. The trio discuss the key highlights from the two day Summit, including hot topics like collaboration cross-pools and sustainable investing. Also in this episode, we hear from Natalie Fee, Founder of City to Sea, as she sets the scene on climate change for the delegates. Find out more about Natalie’s journey and how City to Sea are connecting our actions to our oceans by visiting citytosea.org.uk .

This podcast is bought to you by Minerva Analytics, the new name for Manifest. Minerva is Europe’s independent provider of global proxy voting, corporate governance & ESG-factor research. To learn more about our Sustainable Stewardship and Shareholder Voting services, please visit Minerva.info .

LGC Pension Insight Symposium 2019 - ESG & Holding Pools to Account

In the first episode of the LGC Investment Series Podcast, editor of LGC Nick Golding is joined by Denise Le Gal from BPP and Michael Marshall from LGPS. The three discuss ESG - what does it mean and how does it directly impact our world, and how funds can hold their pool to account. This episode was recorded at the LGC Pension Insight Symposium, sponsored by PIMCO, held between 11-12 July 2019. PIMCO is one of the world's premier fixed income investment managers. Find out more at pimco.co.uk